Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Recollection with my classmates

Last January 20, 2012; it was a fine Saturday that all third year college students had the recollection at Kimaya beach, Gingoog City. It was a venue for us to charge, to refill, to meditate, to be happy with classmates and with GOD. We listened to the soft music entitled "God is Calling Me". Each of us wrote our individual symbols which represents of who we are. Some are crying because, their personality reflects with their drawings. Our drawings and symbols were interpreted by Psychologist Joyce Salanatin.
After the said activity together we ate our lunch. Some had no baon that's why we shared our baons to those who had none. After our lunch break we continued our activity and we shared our feelings, our happy and sad memories and we were enlightened by the Holy Spirit afterwards. One of my classmates, named Christopher brought the digital camera and he took us many pictures. He tlod me then that he will tag it on facebook.
The place was so cool, so overwhelming, so attractive and good for relaxation. It is not always visited by tourist because, it is privately prepared for recollection only. The green, green grasses, flowers, bamboos and trees made the environment smell so fresh and it made me energize.

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