Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My teacher is my idol

My teacher is my idol

You're in a bad time
even though in school you have to pretend you're fine
I'm sorry you're in a rough time.

Supply teachers, the past two days, no idea what to do,
the class is out of control,
where did you go, I missed you so
seems like its been forever, since you've been gone.

You told me you're sick, this made me feel bad
saying everything hurt, made me feel sad.
Because without you,
there is no hope in our classroom.

There really is no classroom without it's teacher
staring at the supply, he told me you were at a meeting,
he really didn't know, he made it up, he was a supply, didn't mean he should lie.

But the next day you came,you looked fine,
but pretended to be okay,
but see you're the true teacher here.
Because, even though you still felt sick
you came to teach us
for that, you deserve this poem,
a true teacher equals my idol
and that's where this poem gets its title,
a true teacher equals my idol,
a true teacher equals you,
i love you for everything you do for us,
so this is a must,
remember its everything you do,
so here's my thanks to you.

Poetry for Best Teachers on Teacher' Day

Star Teacher

I always love your class;
Your teaching helps me see,
That to have a happy life,
Learning is the key.

You understand your students;
You're sensitive and smart.
You're a skillful teacher;
I knew it from the start.

I'm grateful for your wisdom
For the teacher that you are;
You're a very good person,
And as a teacher, you're a star!

By Joanna


Thank You, Teacher

Thank you, skillful teacher,
For teaching me to be
A stronger, smarter person,

Thank you, favorite teacher
For acting like a friend,
And taking time to show me,
Lessons hard to comprehend.

Thank you for your caring
And lots of other stuff;
For all the things you gave me,
I can't thank you enough.

By Joanna Fuchs

A Teacher for All Seasons Poem

A teacher is like Spring,
Who nurtures new green sprouts,
Encourages and leads them,
Whenever they have doubts.

A teacher is like Summer,
Whose sunny temperament
Makes studying a pleasure,
Preventing discontent.

A teacher is like Fall,
With methods crisp and clear,
Lessons of bright colors
And a happy atmosphere.

A teacher is like Winter,
While it's snowing hard outside,
Keeping students comfortable,
As a warm and helpful guide.

Teacher, you do all these things,
With a pleasant attitude;
You're a teacher for all seasons,
And you have my gratitude!

-By Joanna Fuchs

Author Unknown

God understood our thirst for
knowledge, and our need to be led
by someone wiser;
He needed a heart of compassion,
of encouragement, and patience;
someone who would accept
the challenge regardless of the
Someone who could see potential
and believe in the best in others . . .
So He made Teachers

My Teachers

God the Teacher tells me: "Be unconditional!"
I tell God: "I am trying."

Man the teacher tells me: "Be impartial!"
I tell man: "I already am."

Dream the teacher tells me: "Be jovial!"
I tell Dream: "I am practicing."

Reality the teacher tells me: "Be practical!"
I tell Reality: "Alas, will I, Can I ever be practical?"

By Sri Chinmoy (from "The Wings of Light")

My Five Teachers

My poetry teacher taught me
How to cry.
My philosophy teacher taught me
How to dream.
My religion teacher taught me
How to bind life.
My yoga teacher taught me
How to find Love.
My liberation teacher taught me
How to create Peace.

Special Teacher Poetry

Wonderful Teacher

With a special gift for learning
And with a heart that deeply cares,
You add a lot of love
To everything you share,
And even though
You mean a lot,
You'll never know how much,
For you helped
To change the world
Through every life you touched.
You sparked the creativity
In the students whom you taught,
And helped them strive for goals
That could not be bought,
You are such a special teacher
That no words can truly tell
However much you're valued
For the work you do so well.
- Author Unknown

Oh teacher, Oh teacher!

My test isn't signed
Because somehow
My parents went blind
Now, don't say it's my fault,
They left their hands in the bank vault.

Oh teacher, Oh teacher
Do you know why
I was born without wings
And so cannot fly
Thus I am late
Didn't have breakfast,
So if you don't mind,
Pass me a plate.

Oh teacher, Oh teacher!
I've failed again
Please don't scold me,
Now you'll see why,
I was thinking about
Having an eagle's brain.
- Sharmila Saheed

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