Thursday, December 15, 2011

Merry Christmas to all my dear bloggers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear bloggers,

The God of peace and love in me, greets the God of peace and love in you. Christmas is the most awaiting and exciting season here in our country.
Yesterday, when I took my examination about STATISTICS subject, I was so amazed because, from the third floor building of Christ the King College, I and my classmates saw the high school and elementary students from the public schools had their parade. They brought the lantern torch. It is so nice to see them on the street. It seemed that I saw billions of stars from the heaven above with the different colors of the light marching. The night in the city was lighted by the students and children...and I forget that I did not yet finish answering my test question given to me by Professor Sherwin S. Lozada. I hurried answering it and after I finished it, I asked permission from Sir Lozada to go to the street to wathch the parade. I run downstairs and started to watch the students and children marching from the high way to the plaza. OH! What a nice night!!!!!!!!!!! They are like tiny ants bringing big stars and marching on the street. Sad to say that everytime we have our class and examination, we are not allowed to bring our cellphones. I left my cellphone with camera at home that's why I did not get even a single photo from the inspiring event.
I was on my way home when I saw the lantern torch from a far that was burning. The kids shouted and panic. I stepped closer. OH! MY GOD! I shouted! They ask my help. Then, one of the kids got the torch lantern and through it near the gate. Then, I told to the kid, "Oh! get it and through it away a far from the gate to avoid the house to be burned." Then, the other kid got it and through it into the lake. Thanks oh God! That finally, the lantern torch lost it's fire. Then, I rushed my way home because, it's already 8:30 o'clock in the evening. I need to be at home before 9:00 because, that is our curfew time.
Sir Edgar, Maam Adith and I attended the dawn mass. Father Joel Lusat is the mass celebrant. The Dawn Mass started from December 16 to 25, 2011. This is the most perspiring yet, interesting event every Christmas season. We started to celebrate the coming of Jesus with the most interesting event. Thank you!!!!

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